Reviewing the Concert: A Night with Daniel Caesar and Orion Sun

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Reviewing the Concert: A Night with Daniel Caesar and Orion Sun
Daniel Caesar is unquestionably the artist for you if you have ever gone through any type of heartbreak. His most recent album, "NEVER ENOUGH," is a depressing record that embodies longing, love, and loss.

I knew I had to go as soon as I heard that Orion Sun would be opening for Caesar when he performed in Seattle. With "Get You" and "Japanese Denim" being pillars of my "On Repeat" Spotify playlist for weeks, if not months, Caesar had been my warm welcome to R&B.

Tiffany Majette performs under the stage name Orion Sun, and I recently came upon her by chance. It was love at first listen. I was put into a trance by her exquisite musical taste and honey-like voice. She was new to me at a time when I was looking for more LGBTQ artists that spoke to me.

It's safe to say that I was ecstatic to watch Caesar and Orion Sun perform live. The experience was genuinely ethereal. Orion Sun sung with a tenderness and care that was enticing. She made her way around the stage as though the audience was at her disposal to do anything (spoiler alert: she did).

At one point, Sun stated, "You're gonna be alright," and I had a gut feeling that everything would work out.

The WAMU theater was packed, and even though I didn't know most of the people there, I could feel my energy blending with theirs as we all sang along to Caesar's "Let Me Go" and "Always." 

During the initial part of the performance, Caesar was surrounded by hazy, gentle clouds and staged behind white, translucent curtains that served as veils on all sides. He moved out from behind the curtains and into the light after the first few songs.
Watching Caesar move through this physical place has a raw quality to it. The curtains seemed to be a metaphor for the ways in which we go through heartbreak and sadness. At first, it may feel hazy and unclear, almost like you're stuck. There comes a point, though, when you can step free from the feeling that grief is holding you; you can still feel some sadness, but you can talk about it and move past it. 

The clouds surrounding the stage changed color throughout the evening, from blue to orange, creating a sense of both warmth and chill. This shift mirrored the emotions of love and heartache, which are common themes in this album. In addition to times of agony and the realization that something isn't working out, there are moments of assurance and contentment. 

The listener was taken to a vivid reality that Caesar's music speaks about through his soaring vocals and distinctive harmonies. a situation in which there is a great deal of fruitless yearning for something greater and better.

Towards the end of the show, Caesar remarked, "You know what's crazy, I have so many thoughts going through my head right now," echoing everyone's experience in the raw, vulnerable, and emotional place he had just created in the theater. 

You can presently listen to every song by Caesar and Orion Sun on all of the main streaming services.