Could This Be the Most Extravagant Wedding Ever?

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Could This Be the Most Extravagant Wedding Ever?
This weekend's slightly empty golf course might be the result of a number of billionaires from around the world attending the same pre-wedding celebration in India. The billionaire Mukesh Ambani's son, Anant Ambani, is getting married to Radhika Merchant this summer, and for the next few days, they will be celebrating their big engagement in the Indian city of Jamnagar. Everything is here at this party—Mark Zuckerberg, a nine-page dress code, and a performance by Rihanna. This is all the information we have regarding the largest wedding celebration since Mukesh Ambani's other children tied the knot.

Who is tying the knot?
Mukesh Ambani's youngest son, Anant, is getting married to Radhika Merchant. Who are these individuals? Excellent query. According to Forbes, Mukesh is the richest person in Asia and the ninth-richest person worldwide. He serves as the chair of Reliance Industries, which is involved in the oil, textile, telecommunication, and entertainment industries. Nor is the merchant exactly a commoner. Her father is billionaire Viren Merchant, who serves as CEO of Encore Healthcare.

Remind yourself that these two sweethearts won't even tie the knot until July. This is only the pre-wedding celebration, lasting an entire weekend. Imagine having Mark Zuckerberg attend your bridal shower and having a multi-day celebration. In relation to Zuck,

Who is scheduled to attend?
Imagine a wealthy man, and he will be present at this event. Forbes claims that Rihanna and a who's who of crusty old businessmen are attending this event. Yes, Rihanna will be present and will be performing. The singer is supposedly receiving a salary of approximately $9 million for her performance, and TMZ claims that she is not travelling light. A video purportedly showcasing the "literal crates of crap" she had brought along was released by the newspaper. David Blaine is also scheduled to perform some magic. Enjoyable!

Riri will see a sea of other billionaires (as well as a few humble millionaires) as she glances out into the audience. The 1,200 guests on the guest list include Disney CEO Bob Iger, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Bill Gates. The CEO of Endeavour and the inspiration of Ari on Entourage, Ari Emanuel, received an invitation. Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan will be present from the entertainment industry. And without a little tension, what kind of extravagant and spectacular party would it be? It appears that Hillary Clinton and Ivanka Trump will be present. I find it really distressing that there was never a Succession episode that took place at the son of an Indian billionaire's pre-wedding celebration.

What further examples exist for this?
The third child to get married, Anant is the youngest of Mukesh Ambani's children. Beyoncé sang at his sister Isha's wedding in 2018. Isha's twin brother got married in 2019 and invited Coldplay and The Chainsmokers to perform at his pre-wedding celebration. Being an Ambani child seems to come with a guarantee of a talented musician who puts on an amazing Super Bowl halftime concert. I suppose you could also add the Chainsmokers.

Do they have any enjoyable activities going on?
Wheeling and dealing must be the fun part for these people, but there are other things to do. Of course, there will be sumptuous feasts every evening. According to Reuters, throughout the celebrations, visitors would eat 500 meals prepared by 100 chefs. The primary draw, though, is a trip to Reliance's animal rescue facility.

According to the Times of London, the invitation states, "Anant has lovingly nurtured this complex into a haven of care and compassion for thousands of rescued animals." The future groom is passionate about animals, and the rescue centre is home to one of the biggest elephant hospitals in the world. Nice! For this specific outing, visitors were asked to follow the "jungle fever" theme, which, according to Reuters, entails wearing Hawaiian shirts or outfits with animal prints. Anant explained to India Today that the tour is for "educational purposes" rather than "recreation or enjoyment."

What should everyone be dressed in?
It has a "nautical chic" concept. I'm kidding, but according to the Times, attendees were given a nine-page dress code for the duration of the weekend. Apart from adhering to the "jungle fever" requirement, attendees of the main events are anticipated to don traditional Indian attire. The Times claims that one evening's dress code is "dazzling" Indian attire for attendees, while a "Heritage Indian" dress code is requested for the last occasion.

Oh, and what happens if Clinton notices that her sari is wrinkled? She might have to wait a little while for it to steam. The invitation states, "Any clothes given to steam (press) will be returned within 3 hours," according to Reuters. Anything more quickly than that might not be possible to anticipate or request.” Kudos to the washing crew for establishing a clear limit.