Stacey Slater commits a significant mistake in the latest episode of EastEnders featuring an early release storyline

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Stacey Slater commits a significant mistake in the latest episode of EastEnders featuring an early release storyline
Spoilers for EastEnders ahead.

After Nish's accusation, Stacey Slater of EastEnders makes a huge mistake with Jack.

The most recent edition of the show examined the fallout from Nish's elaborate revenge scheme, and it's already accessible to watch on BBC iPlayer before Friday.

Nish wanted retribution after his plan for Kat Mitchell severely backfired, so he reported Stacey to the police for 'attacking' him over Christmas.

Eastenders, Nish Pandarus

As Stacey was taken to the police station, Nish watched with smug satisfaction, leaving Kat and Suki resolved to see justice served.

Nish was confronted by Kat and Suki in the market, and in response, he angrily declared that Stacey was the one who had put him into a coma.

Kathy, Suki, Linda, Johnny, and Stacey worried about what Stacey could say as she called on Jack for assistance at the police station.

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Jack went to meet Nish because he was determined to find out what was going on, but Nish refused to back down, threatening to take all the women with him.

Fortunately, Jack was able to support Stacey's assertions that Nish was only taking revenge for his breakup with Kat, and she was eventually freed.

Although Stacey was happy to be free to return home, she made a mistake when she told Jack that she was also happy that the other ladies "didn't have to come down and remember their stories."

Eastenders, Jack Branning, and Stacey Slater

Jack tried to question Stacey about it later, suspicious of what she meant by this, but she was contemptuous.

In the end, Jack faced the truth and directly asked Stacey if she had attacked Nish, but she steadfastly denied it.

When Jack found out that Stacey had phoned mental health services over Denise, he became enraged and accused her of attempting to push Denise aside so they could carry on their affair.

Eastenders Jack Branning and Stacey Slater

Stacey unintentionally confessed that Denise was the one who attacked Nish when she argued that it wasn't their affair that sent Denise to the hospital.

She made a hasty attempt to retract her statements, but it was too late; Jack had begun piecing the story together.

Stacey asked Jack what he was going to do with the information in the last moments of the show, but what would he decide?

BBC One airs EastEnders Monday through Thursday at 7.30 p.m. Ahead of its TV airing, most episodes of the show are available for streaming on BBC iPlayer, where they are released early.