Ivanka Trump Ordered to Testify in Her Father's Civil Fraud Trial, Decides Judge

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Ivanka Trump Ordered to Testify in Her Father's Civil Fraud Trial, Decides Judge
The attorney general's office stated in court on Friday that Donald Trump's children are anticipated to be called as witnesses next week, and the former president may be called the week after that.

The list of witnesses for the attorney general's team's case in the civil fraud trial of Donald Trump and his co-defendants, which also includes Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., is almost entirely.

In open court on Friday, the attorney general's team laid out the rest of their case. During Trump's defense, they will also have the opportunity to call more witnesses in a rebuttal case later in the trial.

Ivanka Trump's testimony may depend on the outcome of her appeal, but the attorneys for the AG stated that they anticipate hearing from Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and themselves over the course of a day beginning on Wednesday.

Following that, during the week of November 6, the attorney general's office anticipates calling Trump as its last witness.

The dates are not fixed; the witness schedule is subject to constant modification.

Ivanka testimony, according to Trump's lawyers, is "creating another circus day."

Ivanka Trump's attorneys contended that since she hasn't resided or worked in New York since 2017, the court has jurisdiction over her. They also accused New York Attorney General Letitia James of requesting Ivanka Trump's appearance in order to make a spectacle for the media.

The subpoena was dubbed "continued harassment of President Trump's children" by Kise.

According to Kise, "all they want is another free-for-all on one of President Trump's kids." "They want her in the courtroom so we can have another circus day and the room will be full of media."

In the $250 million lawsuit filed by James last September, Ivanka Trump was initially named as a co-defendant alongside Donald Trump, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and several executives of the Trump Organization. James claimed that these individuals were involved in a vast fraud scheme that lasted for over a decade, which the former president and his eldest children used to enrich themselves.

The charges against Ivanka Trump, however, were deemed too old by a New York appeals court in June, as she was not included in an August 2021 deal between James' office and the Trump Organization to tolled the statute of limitations.

Ivanka Trump's lawyer, Bennet Moskowitz, contended that since she hasn't resided or worked in New York on a regular basis since 2017, the court lacks jurisdiction over her. He proposed to submit an affidavit attesting to that, signed by Ivanka.

According to Moskowitz, she is no longer a party to this lawsuit, and neither are the corporate companies that are registered in New York and to which the AG's office delivered the subpoena.

Cliff Robert, an additional Trump lawyer, stated that since Eric Trump will be testifying in court anyhow, he is willing to serve as the Trump Organization's corporate representative.

Ivanka Trump is still connected to the Trump Organization, according to attorney Kevin Wallace of the attorney general's office, and she is directly aware of a loan that was given for the Old Post Office project in Washington, DC.

Ivanka Trump was accused in the attorney general's case of being responsible for the fraud committed on a loan from Deutsche Bank that was given to Trump and his business for the Old Post Office project.

Wallace asserted, "She managed that project, not Eric Trump."

Ivanka Trump was operating in her own self-interest when she negotiated the loan with Deutsche Bank, according to Wallace, because she benefited financially from the Old Post Office sale.

Engoron inquired about the possibility of confining her inquiries to the Old Post Office loan with Deutsche Bank from the attorney general's counsel.