Olivia Rodrigo Surprises Jimmy Kimmel's Kids During School Run – Watch Their Reaction

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Playing the celebrity game is simple. Get a point if you can identify a celebrity. You will have more points in your bag the brighter the star.

Even though they may not realise it yet, Jimmy Kimmel's children once won the celebrity game when they saw Olivia Rodrigo pulling over on the side of the road and the "Good 4 U" actress stepped inside the vehicle.

Naturally, the event was recorded for Kimmel's late-night programme, which premiered on Tuesday, October 24.

Rodrigo pretended to be a hitchhiker and held out his thumb to give the kids the surprise of their young lives when she managed to get a ride.

"You know Olivia, we listen to your music on the way to school every day," Kimmel remarks to his passengers, Jane, age nine, and Billy, age six, who are sitting in the rear and are completely enthralled with the actress.

Following a few kilometres and some back-and-forth conversation, the Kimmel family starts singing along to Rodrigo tunes at karaoke. Why was she hitting on people? You had to have anticipated it. In reality, Rodrigo lacks a driver's licence.

Kimmel maintained the engine running when Rodrigo arrived at his programme for an appropriate Q&A.

The three-time Billboard Hot 100 leader, two-time Billboard 200 champion, and triple Grammy Award winner joined by to discuss house shopping, her phobia of ghosts, and what she keeps in her bag of "President Biden goodies."

Not even for Rodrigo's parents can truly be famous. Her mother is "very coy" when questioned about her daughter, while her dad "brags to his coworkers" about Olivia's achievements.

Like many of us, Rodrigo speaks foul language with ease. "I think about it often" while she's creating songs and deciding which four-letter words to use, she says. "I enjoy using profanity when I feel it's appropriate and necessary." She had to "pare it back" since she was "swearing all over them" when writing certain Guts songs.

Rodrigo sang a rendition of "Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl" for Kimmel's audience, and it contains none of those four-letter words.