Up to speed: The anatomy of a modern-day running shoe

Hindustan Times
3 months ago

'I run to prove to any human in this universe that there are no limitations,' Kenyan long-distance runner Eliud Kipchoge said, when he finished a marathon in less than two hours in Berlin in 2019. He was wearing what were then prototype Nikes with an integrated carbon fibre plate in the midsole.

All this while, behind the scenes and out of view, the interiors of the sports shoe had been changing, across the board from foam to sole. New science began to reveal why even the everyday user might be better off with different shoes for different kinds of exercise, even for the difference between walking, jogging and running. The running shoe is now an entirely separate sub-genre of sports shoe. Researchers are consulting on design, runners are pitching in with early testing. See how the tech has advanced, and where it's headed next.

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