Giraffes in Tsavo kick each other during heated fight. Pics surface on Instagram

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3 months ago

When we think about calm animals, giraffes are among the beings that come to mind. Those playful, calm lads just hang out with their friends in places surrounding trees and keep chewing on leaves from wherever they can get their necks into.

But did you know that these otherwise sweet creatures can not only lose their temper but also go to the extent of actually kicking said giraffe friend? Yes, you read that right.

In a post recently shared on Instagram, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has uploaded a series of three photos that trace a heated fight between two giraffes on the plains of Tsavo in Kenya.

The Instagram post includes a lengthy, explanatory caption to this post. It says: 'Giraffes have some serious kicking power!' And boy, do they!

Take a look at the scary photos of the giraffes getting kicked by each other:

The post has received a flurry of reactions from netizens, including, 'I didn't know they could do that' and 'never seen anything like that'.

One made a joke and wrote, 'when Monday hits you'. The funniest observation, however, was, 'I'm laughing at the bull behind them, observing what they are doing'.

The trust clarified that while neither party was wounded in the encounter, a human would face serious consequences if he or she was on the receiving end of this kind of a kick. As a result, any surgical process that involves a giraffe is hampered by the giraffe's legs.

Did you know a simple graze could evolve into such a dangerous encounter?

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